Velocloud – Software Defined WAN

Could I run Unfied Comms over Internet connection and avoid costly Leased line or MPLS service requirements.

Answer yes.  Velocloud

The solution comes in 3 parts. A CPE device which sits between your LAN and your Internet connections e.g. DSL, 3G, 4G, Cable etc. A Cloud based Orchestrator to manage all the edn-points and a Cloud based Gateway for SaaS and VPN offload.

Time stamp every packet on every Internet connection to determine in real time jitter, latency etc and combine with DPI to identify Application types. Send time sensitive flows down suitable links, switch or duplicate as required all delivered securely using IPSEC. Offload non-Velocloud traffic via the gateway VPN functionality and equally access SaaS based services directly.

Added bonus; you get a full SLA report on every one of your Internet services!

ShapeBlue Launch CSForge

ShapeBlue Launch CSForge: A Rapid Deployment Framework For Apache CloudStack IaaS Clouds

April. 09, 2014 | Press Release

CloudStack Collab Conference, Denver,CO – April 9, 2014.

ShapeBlue, the leading independent global CloudStack integrator, today announced general availability of its new CSForge product, giving organisations rapid, low risk, deployment of IaaS cloud infrastructures. The framework can be used as a basis for public cloud or enterprise private cloud and is deployed onto the customers own hardware infrastructure.

CSForge is made up of components including Apache CloudStack and the Xen hypervisor with automated deployment components and test & capacity planning tools. . CSForge has a standard, flat, price for environments up to 24 hypervisor hosts and also includes a technical education programme, implementation support and up to 12 months pilot support.



The basic principles of SDN are the decoupling of the data plane and the control plane, enabling the SDN controller, a global view of the routing environment that sits below. Likewise OvSDB style databases can provide virtual network information, which like SDN and utilise OpenFlow to communicate information/profiles to the physical hardware equipment.

But you’re still tied to the equipment, more specifically the vendor’s ASIC, memory, caching requirements. What if you could uncouple the operating system from the hardware like in a server farm?

Pica8 delivers an option, the ability to buy third-party hardware and port your own communications stack, onto it, regardless of the underlying ASIC specifications.

Check out Pica8

New Vendor – Plexxi

Commercial SDN infrastructure solution, offering northbound API, SDN controller and optical hardware platforms capable of supporting virtual deployments.

Don’t bin that Kinect just yet!

medicalIn a hectic life with many commitments, health care might just start to take a back seat.

If getting a doctors appointment isn’t difficult enough these days, you have then got to travel to and from the surgery or hospital, potentially several  times.

Now remember Christmas past. When Kinect, the motion sensor for the Xbox was all the rage, and your little bundle wanted one. Please please. And Christmas morning you and the family danced around the living room as this technological marvel tracked your every move to a Take That song?

Ahhh, painful memories for something that now  sits all neglected gathering dust, as your bigger bundle proclaims that true gaming doesn’t need motion sensing!

Well all is not lost, indeed some things might just get better. is a motion based remote medical avatar system.

In short, registered users can hook up to a video based medical service via the Internet utilising your old Kinect box for motion sening.

Using this pre-screening interface, patients can be quickly diagnosed or referred(based on the patients past and current data) to an appropriate medical practioner.

Now, all of this costs, so don’t expect it via the NHS any time soon, but how long before folks get tired of waiting and start to pay for such services in the UK?

Ditch the landline.

Stay with me on this one.

Optical fibre in communications terms means lots and lots of data.  The likes of Infinera are offering N x 100Gbps per line card! Truly astounding bandwidth.

But the gating factor is fibre.Cell Phone Antenna Tower

Nationally we have a fibre roll-out plan, typically offering Fibre-to-the-curb, in short the running of optical fibre to a small BT cabinet, and then off onto the existing copper cable to your home or business.  Given the run distance between cabinet and home or business is small, high bandwidth can still be obtained over the copper portion.

Sorted right? Well no, because ‘blowing fibre’ to all the nations roadside cabinets will take years and cost billions.

Is there another way?

Well,  run the fibre to the mobile masts instead and let the last mile of communication be via airwaves(currently 3G) rather than over a physical piece of cable?

But businesses want proper switch boards to distribute their voice traffic, not a pile of mobile phones!

Enter the Wireless Deskphones, looking and acting exactly like your landline, but utilising a simple 3G SIM card.  So if you use your landline simply for voice calls, then exchange it for a SIM based service and remove some of the rental costs.

Just a thought!

It’s all gone 3Doodler …..

Smart PhoneI hate 3D glasses, either in a cinema or watching 3D TV, the concept is alien and irritating, but is a reaction to the 2D world that currently envelops many of our activities.

From the simple letter or scribble on a piece of paper, to the universal use of computing platforms and screens, two dimensions dominate.

But that might just be changing.

For those of an XBOX leaning you will already have used Kinect, a device which relays positional information of the gamer back into the platform to be displayed in the game.

Now come SpaceTop 3D Interactive computing, which effectively maps you, your face and hand movements in relation to the simple computer desktop, allowing your to engage in a thre dimensional experience.

But what about the simple pen, could that be upgraded to write in three dimensions?

Well check out the 3Doodler , ideal for schools or collages or even those who doodle on out note pads during a meeting……now everyone can see how bored we are!






Figure Running – Pavement art?

trainingI run, not as much as I used to but the pavement is still pounded and the calories burnt.

Sometimes I run to music and other times I just let the mind wander, but the route is often the same with bits added or removed depending on how I feel.

So how about adding a creative element to running?

Figure Running is basically artful exercises, where a combination of an App and a Smart Phones GPS functionality traces the route and creates pictures.

Run in a group and the greater potential art forms.

It might sound odd, but it would surely take the mind away from the pain!


RP-VITA – coming soon to your local hospital

The digital ages offers the medical institutions access to a unprecedented array of clinical information, which if utilised correctly delivers great benefits to today’s patients.medical

But like computer users worldwide the real trick is to sort the trash from the gems and bring them together in a meaningful and constructive  format.

Interested parties include the medical teams at the hospital, the family and potentially  specialist skills located off campus. In addition information can be delivered via audio, video or in text format, and some, if not all, must be wrapped in a secure communications envelop.

Now for those of us brought up on Star Wars the concept of hoards of c3po’s roaming the hospital wings might seem far fetched , but with the release of RP-VITA that has come one step closer.

Developed in partnership with the folks who developed the Roomba vacuum cleaner, RP-VITA is a  5ft high medical robot, that navigates the hospital acting as a mobile information console, bringing together all interested parties both locally and remotely.

No, it can’t climb stairs yet, but the lift makes a viable alternative and when it’s done its rounds it simply returns to the docking station to recharge.


Sprout – simple but tasty

feastThere are moments when something catches my eye, and I applaud the creativity and simplicity.

Whilst Sprout has nothing to do with mobile it brought a smile to my face.

As a golfer I’m constantly binning the small pencils used to mark the scorecard.  Now I can simply plant them instead.