RP-VITA – coming soon to your local hospital

The digital ages offers the medical institutions access to a unprecedented array of clinical information, which if utilised correctly delivers great benefits to today’s patients.medical

But like computer users worldwide the real trick is to sort the trash from the gems and bring them together in a meaningful and constructive  format.

Interested parties include the medical teams at the hospital, the family and potentially  specialist skills located off campus. In addition information can be delivered via audio, video or in text format, and some, if not all, must be wrapped in a secure communications envelop.

Now for those of us brought up on Star Wars the concept of hoards of c3po’s roaming the hospital wings might seem far fetched , but with the release of RP-VITA that has come one step closer.

Developed in partnership with the folks who developed the Roomba vacuum cleaner, RP-VITA is a  5ft high medical robot, that navigates the hospital acting as a mobile information console, bringing together all interested parties both locally and remotely.

No, it can’t climb stairs yet, but the lift makes a viable alternative and when it’s done its rounds it simply returns to the docking station to recharge.


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