It’s all gone 3Doodler …..

Smart PhoneI hate 3D glasses, either in a cinema or watching 3D TV, the concept is alien and irritating, but is a reaction to the 2D world that currently envelops many of our activities.

From the simple letter or scribble on a piece of paper, to the universal use of computing platforms and screens, two dimensions dominate.

But that might just be changing.

For those of an XBOX leaning you will already have used Kinect, a device which relays positional information of the gamer back into the platform to be displayed in the game.

Now come SpaceTop 3D Interactive computing, which effectively maps you, your face and hand movements in relation to the simple computer desktop, allowing your to engage in a thre dimensional experience.

But what about the simple pen, could that be upgraded to write in three dimensions?

Well check out the 3Doodler , ideal for schools or collages or even those who doodle on out note pads during a meeting……now everyone can see how bored we are!






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