Ditch the landline.

Stay with me on this one.

Optical fibre in communications terms means lots and lots of data.  The likes of Infinera are offering N x 100Gbps per line card! Truly astounding bandwidth.

But the gating factor is fibre.Cell Phone Antenna Tower

Nationally we have a fibre roll-out plan, typically offering Fibre-to-the-curb, in short the running of optical fibre to a small BT cabinet, and then off onto the existing copper cable to your home or business.  Given the run distance between cabinet and home or business is small, high bandwidth can still be obtained over the copper portion.

Sorted right? Well no, because ‘blowing fibre’ to all the nations roadside cabinets will take years and cost billions.

Is there another way?

Well,  run the fibre to the mobile masts instead and let the last mile of communication be via airwaves(currently 3G) rather than over a physical piece of cable?

But businesses want proper switch boards to distribute their voice traffic, not a pile of mobile phones!

Enter the Wireless Deskphones, looking and acting exactly like your landline, but utilising a simple 3G SIM card.  So if you use your landline simply for voice calls, then exchange it for a SIM based service and remove some of the rental costs.

Just a thought!

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