Don’t bin that Kinect just yet!

medicalIn a hectic life with many commitments, health care might just start to take a back seat.

If getting a doctors appointment isn’t difficult enough these days, you have then got to travel to and from the surgery or hospital, potentially several  times.

Now remember Christmas past. When Kinect, the motion sensor for the Xbox was all the rage, and your little bundle wanted one. Please please. And Christmas morning you and the family danced around the living room as this technological marvel tracked your every move to a Take That song?

Ahhh, painful memories for something that now  sits all neglected gathering dust, as your bigger bundle proclaims that true gaming doesn’t need motion sensing!

Well all is not lost, indeed some things might just get better. is a motion based remote medical avatar system.

In short, registered users can hook up to a video based medical service via the Internet utilising your old Kinect box for motion sening.

Using this pre-screening interface, patients can be quickly diagnosed or referred(based on the patients past and current data) to an appropriate medical practioner.

Now, all of this costs, so don’t expect it via the NHS any time soon, but how long before folks get tired of waiting and start to pay for such services in the UK?