Velocloud – Software Defined WAN

Could I run Unfied Comms over Internet connection and avoid costly Leased line or MPLS service requirements.

Answer yes.  Velocloud

The solution comes in 3 parts. A CPE device which sits between your LAN and your Internet connections e.g. DSL, 3G, 4G, Cable etc. A Cloud based Orchestrator to manage all the edn-points and a Cloud based Gateway for SaaS and VPN offload.

Time stamp every packet on every Internet connection to determine in real time jitter, latency etc and combine with DPI to identify Application types. Send time sensitive flows down suitable links, switch or duplicate as required all delivered securely using IPSEC. Offload non-Velocloud traffic via the gateway VPN functionality and equally access SaaS based services directly.

Added bonus; you get a full SLA report on every one of your Internet services!