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Don’t bin that Kinect just yet!

In a hectic life with many commitments, health care might just start to take a back seat. If getting a doctors appointment isn’t difficult enough these days, you have then got to travel to and from the surgery or hospital, potentially several  times. Now remember Christmas past. When Kinect, the motion sensor for the Xbox […]

Ditch the landline.

Stay with me on this one. Optical fibre in communications terms means lots and lots of data.  The likes of Infinera are offering N x 100Gbps per line card! Truly astounding bandwidth. But the gating factor is fibre. Nationally we have a fibre roll-out plan, typically offering Fibre-to-the-curb, in short the running of optical fibre […]

It’s all gone 3Doodler …..

I hate 3D glasses, either in a cinema or watching 3D TV, the concept is alien and irritating, but is a reaction to the 2D world that currently envelops many of our activities. From the simple letter or scribble on a piece of paper, to the universal use of computing platforms and screens, two dimensions […]

Figure Running – Pavement art?

I run, not as much as I used to but the pavement is still pounded and the calories burnt. Sometimes I run to music and other times I just let the mind wander, but the route is often the same with bits added or removed depending on how I feel. So how about adding a […]

RP-VITA – coming soon to your local hospital

The digital ages offers the medical institutions access to a unprecedented array of clinical information, which if utilised correctly delivers great benefits to today’s patients. But like computer users worldwide the real trick is to sort the trash from the gems and bring them together in a meaningful and constructive  format. Interested parties include the […]

Sprout – simple but tasty

There are moments when something catches my eye, and I applaud the creativity and simplicity. Whilst Sprout has nothing to do with mobile it brought a smile to my face. As a golfer I’m constantly binning the small pencils used to mark the scorecard.  Now I can simply plant them instead.    

Bone Conduction technology – sounds great!

Even without external influence, the simple facts are that as you grow older both your ear drums and the tiny hairs in your inner ear decay, which effect both hearing and balance. Scientist have already developed drugs which may in the future regenerate these hairs, but with the arrival of headphones and other sources of loud […]

SPAM sms messages

In the last two days alone I’ve had 4 SPAM text messages all offering me PPI, personal injury or unsecured debt write off. SPAM is better known as an Email related issue. Now, thanks to more robust detection software when an inbound email hit it’s associated Email Server,  SPAM is detected and either removed or […]

Let your Avatar improve your health

One plus one makes two. Xbox plus comfy chair makes obesity…..and square eyes, lack of social skills, lethargic etc. etc. This stereotype revolves around you simply driving a dumb game, displayed on a screen, whilst eating crisps and loosing all sense of reality. But hold on, we now have two-way video interaction from devices like […]

Social Fitness and Diabetes

So you go to the NHS Body Mass Index website, type in your details and boom, you are now classed as Overweight, and as that bulging waistline begins to clamp your vital organs, a whole range of illness from Dementia to Diabetes loom large on the horizon. With the increased levels of obesity in the […]