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£20 to spend without a PIN

The UK Card Association has raised the amount you can spend via Contactless Payment schemes from £15 to £20. How does this relate to my existing credit/debit cards, and the Chip and PIN card readers we use? Let me explain. The UK Card Association regulates the credit/debit cards industry in the UK. A major part of […]

Using your mobile to pay for goods

Just like a bus, wait for hours then a whole herd come rolling across the prairie. My bus is the mobile phone, more specifically its ability to make my physical wallet redundant and open up the new and magical world of mWallet. The idea is simple. A mobile App, holding your banking, credit card, loyalty […]

PayPal and the small business

Remember the early day of Ebay when anything was up for sale and the only sticking point was payment, or trust, or both, between two complete strangers, eager to conclude the sale of your second hand trumpet. Along came PayPal, offering a secure means for the approval and transfer of funds. Fast forward to 2012. […]

SMS and mobile banking.

Juniper research estimates that in 2011 over 300million used mobile banking services, a figure that should rise to 860 million by 2016.  But what does all this mean for you and your interaction with your bank? These studies have revolve around three types of  mobile interaction SMS Browser Application We all use SMS, either receiving […]

Ever confused about Everything Everywhere?

What is Everything Everywhere? In the UK the major mobile operators include T-Mobile part of the German company Deutsche Telecom , and Orange(best known for their Wednesdays) the brand name of French operator France Telecom,  both of which operate worldwide. They compete with Vodafone, O2(Telefonica) and Three(Hutchinson) as the major players in the UK market. […]

QR for business

After my blog on QR codes, I was asked  how a small business could benefit from their use. What a QR code gives you via printed media is a simple route into your company, so first you need to consider where the codes will appear. Is it magazines, posters, other literature. Be creative. Then consider giving […]

Want to buy a bargain – wait until 9pm!

The blue towels in our house illustrate this sad tale. Too many beers, stagger home, go online, buy something you didn’t need, then take the flack when it arrives. I can’t even remember doing it 😉 In a survey(where else), for the on-line shopping site Kelkoo, over 40% of respondents admitted buying on-line after drinking. […]

Lucky O2 customers

  Yup, Ofcom’s July-September 2011 Telecoms Complaints Survey is good reading of you’re an O2 customer but less than encouraging if 3(Three) delivers your service. The report also covers simple landline and broadband services, both of which cause more concern to customers than mobile services. In conclusion if you have fixed and broadband services from […]

Mobile phone leasing

An interesting development for both small businesses and private customers. O2 Lease offers joe public or small business(up to 9 customers), 12 month contracted lease package, starting at £55 a month, with the device returned at the end. The monthly charge plan offers 750 minutes and a choice of Bolt-ons, which will be needed as […]

Mobile Network Coverage

‘Great new mobile, Smart, all the latest features…….then you turn it on!’ Do you have a signal?   Do you have a 3G service? How do I check if the operator has a 3G service where I live ? Top Tip : Buy a 3G Pay-as-you-go SIM Card for a £1 or so from your preferred […]