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Figure Running – Pavement art?

I run, not as much as I used to but the pavement is still pounded and the calories burnt. Sometimes I run to music and other times I just let the mind wander, but the route is often the same with bits added or removed depending on how I feel. So how about adding a […]

Bone Conduction technology – sounds great!

Even without external influence, the simple facts are that as you grow older both your ear drums and the tiny hairs in your inner ear decay, which effect both hearing and balance. Scientist have already developed drugs which may in the future regenerate these hairs, but with the arrival of headphones and other sources of loud […]

Let your Avatar improve your health

One plus one makes two. Xbox plus comfy chair makes obesity…..and square eyes, lack of social skills, lethargic etc. etc. This stereotype revolves around you simply driving a dumb game, displayed on a screen, whilst eating crisps and loosing all sense of reality. But hold on, we now have two-way video interaction from devices like […]

What Apps do you get for the kids this summer?

According to the latest medical news parents should limit the amount of time a child spends in front of a TV or computer screen. Yet in a world increasingly portrayed as ‘risky’ for young children, many kids spend little or no time outside, and there is only so much fun you can get from a […]

A pint, a mobile and a whole new world

Dublin in the 80’s before the boom and bust, a gentle relaxed  world enhanced by the many public houses and a glorious pint of Guinness. Surrounding this icon, the visitor would find a ‘good crack’ comprised of banter, laughter and song, with the only information available being the location of the next pub! Fast forward […]

Shazam and my TV changed forever

On the Internet a typical small Upload request ‘’ results in a huge amount of Downloaded data(images, text, video). On Digital TV, whilst many channels may be multiplexed together for efficient use of the frequency band, it is all Download, it’s true Broadcast only communications, there is no uplinked interaction with the viewer. So what […]

Designing your own mobile app.

So you’re a small business who could benefit from giving your clients a customised mobile App. At the same time you have neither the skill or time to produce one or computer resources to support it. WebMobi has come along with a solution. Instead of needing programming skills, a business can simply select from a […]

Gamification – a real word.

At the end of a hard day in front of a keyboard and screen, do you actually feel you’ve learned anything? Whilst I’ll happily berate the children for ‘wasting their lives away on the Xbox’, I find myself  drawn to the Internet and to hours of mindless activity. So how do we surf and learn at […]

GarageBand, Gear4 and a good nights sleep!

Being of a musical disposition and with a voice that could charm the birds from the trees, I keep an eagle eye out for anything to aid my melodic development. Enter Garageband, now for iPad, iPod and iPhone. The app gives you a string of instruments like guitars, keyboards and pianos and lets you select from […]

On-line security and Nintendo Wii U

Last year saw both Sony and XBox Live customer accounts hacked and left many wondering if their personal/credit card details were actually safe with these organisation. In the same period Nintendo was struggling both with sales of the Wii and the 3D version of the DS. ‘From adversity comes opportunity!’ in the form of the […]