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It’s all gone 3Doodler …..

I hate 3D glasses, either in a cinema or watching 3D TV, the concept is alien and irritating, but is a reaction to the 2D world that currently envelops many of our activities. From the simple letter or scribble on a piece of paper, to the universal use of computing platforms and screens, two dimensions […]

Sprout – simple but tasty

There are moments when something catches my eye, and I applaud the creativity and simplicity. Whilst Sprout has nothing to do with mobile it brought a smile to my face. As a golfer I’m constantly binning the small pencils used to mark the scorecard.  Now I can simply plant them instead.    

SPAM sms messages

In the last two days alone I’ve had 4 SPAM text messages all offering me PPI, personal injury or unsecured debt write off. SPAM is better known as an Email related issue. Now, thanks to more robust detection software when an inbound email hit it’s associated Email Server,  SPAM is detected and either removed or […]

Design your own phone?

For many reasons mobile phones are not everyone’s cup of tea. Take the Elderly. Some fear the technology, whilst others have physical difficulties like poor eye sight or arthritis which in turn restricts the use of the touch screens and the small keys on most modern phones. Equally, you may not want to give your […]

101 the non-emergency police number

Did you know that: if your car has been stolen if your property has been damaged if you suspect drug use or dealing in your local area to report a minor traffic accident to give the police information about crime in your area to speak to the police about a general inquiry Dialling 101 will […]

Cheaper mobile calls for those school holidays

When you switch on your mobile in a foreign country, the mobile signalling(on your SIM card) will try to find a Partner operator linked to your UK mobile company. Partnering agreements are expensive with charges associated to both inbound and outbound calls. My section Using your mobile abroad explains the huge bills that users can […]

All I want for Christmas is Mifi

Alas Mifi is not a technology acronym, it is actually a brand name from Novatel Wireless, but we live with Biro and Hoover so why not MiFi. The real question is not ‘What it is’ but ‘Why it is important’ . Wifi – is a wireless method of typically Internet communication with phones, laptop, computers […]

SKY HD Remote problems?

It’s Saturday night and I’m sat opposite the TV,  flicking through my channels on my Sky Remote,  when suddenly it stopped communicating with the Sky HD Box. I powered off the Sky HD box, then on, then – Nothing I checked the Red light – Nothing. I changed the batteries – No Red Light. I’d […]

Seeing around corners

Ever pointed the camera and wondered what was behind the wall or building? Well now there is a way. How long it will take to get onto your mobile phone is anyone’s guess but check out this excellent video from Nature.

Talk Talk – not talk

Another three months and another poor performance from Talk Talk according to Ofcom’s customer satisfaction survey for Q4 2011. Defined as Complaints per 1000 customers, TalkTalk produced a whooping 0.78 for Landlines and 0.61 for Fixed Broadband services, were as Virgin’s 0.18 for Landlines and Sky’s 0.17 for Fixed, showed that some companies actually understand […]