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Don’t bin that Kinect just yet!

In a hectic life with many commitments, health care might just start to take a back seat. If getting a doctors appointment isn’t difficult enough these days, you have then got to travel to and from the surgery or hospital, potentially several  times. Now remember Christmas past. When Kinect, the motion sensor for the Xbox […]

RP-VITA – coming soon to your local hospital

The digital ages offers the medical institutions access to a unprecedented array of clinical information, which if utilised correctly delivers great benefits to today’s patients. But like computer users worldwide the real trick is to sort the trash from the gems and bring them together in a meaningful and constructive  format. Interested parties include the […]

Social Fitness and Diabetes

So you go to the NHS Body Mass Index website, type in your details and boom, you are now classed as Overweight, and as that bulging waistline begins to clamp your vital organs, a whole range of illness from Dementia to Diabetes loom large on the horizon. With the increased levels of obesity in the […]

mHealth Apps

The rise and rise of Mobile Health Apps can be seen in the latest review of iTunes app store. Over 13,000 Apps were identified and then grouped into type. Over 16% were specific to the Heart(Cardio).  Some simply give the user guidance/advice. Other link up with training/fitness pulse monitors to measure your heart rate , […]

Using you body to control your phone?

One of the major drivers for smart phone and tablet  technology has been the interactive nature of the screen. Not only can you trigger actions by pressing the screen at an appropriate point, but you can flick and compress/expand with similar movements of your fingers. Whilst there are various technologies competing for the touch screen […]

Your Mobile genetic code?

Finished!! Your family tree, mapped out in front of your very eyes, going back as far as the records allow. My initial start point was the UK census, followed by a regional database of births, deaths and marriages, then over to Ireland where the records are more tricky to navigate, but I got there in […]

Spotting a broken heart?

Putting the pieces together of a broken heart can be a time consuming exercise, particularly given the complex nature of monitoring equipment and clinical time involved. When considering those  ‘at risk’ of heart problems, clinicians have been faced with the same resource challenges …until now. Take a mobile phone. Provide a removable case which interfaces […]

Dementia and a mobile phone

Statistically ‘We are all living longer.’ Realistically  ‘More of us will develop Dementia.’ Economically  ‘The tax revenues can’t keep pace with the rising cost of NHS  heath care.’ Logically  ‘We invest in remote health solutions to reduce overall costs.’ Proactively  ‘Mobile based applications can help reduce/prevent illness occurring by promoting good health practice.’ The more […]

Organise yourself and relax!

Sleep, we all need it, yet in these hectic times it is an increasingly rare commodity.  Many turn to a night cap, yet alcohol impairs the much needed REM sleep; others try reading or watching TV yet light impairs the production of melatonin, which controls our body clock(circadian rhythm). How about we struggle through the […]


A friend of mine is embarking on one of those life changes challenges, when sensible folks suddenly conclude that their life story is missing a climb up Everest or an ultra marathon across the Sahara desert. In order to take a flab riddled structure and transform into Olympic athelete you’ll need some help. Squid is […]