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SPAM sms messages

In the last two days alone I’ve had 4 SPAM text messages all offering me PPI, personal injury or unsecured debt write off. SPAM is better known as an Email related issue. Now, thanks to more robust detection software when an inbound email hit it’s associated Email Server,  SPAM is detected and either removed or […]

Protecting your mobile device from life

This article began with a new mobile phone last week, and the need to protect it from life’s little adventures. I registered the device on the ‘Locate my Phone’ service with the option to ‘remote delete’ should the device be lost or stolen.  In addition I’m insured against calls made by a third party without […]

21p per minute for 0800 numbers dialled from mobile phones

‘0800 numbers are not free from your mobile.’ A familiar message, which highlights the restrictions surrounding the Call Minutes offered in a Mobile Call Plan. Call Plan’s will offer ‘minutes‘ but they typically only cover calls to numbers that begin 01,02, and 03. Huge bills can be the result. Outside of that range you will […]

How much mobile data do I use?

For all, the prospect of using your mobile 3G service for Internet access especially overseas must involve a good amount of caution. True enough ‘Unlimited’ plans allegedly exist(check the small print and fair-usage policy),  but most are capped, with the Internet service removed or additional charges added at an increased charging rate once the cap […]

How to Clean your mobile phone?

Wash your hands regularly, Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze, All messages aimed at preventing the spread of illness, but what about Clean our mobile phones? After all no other electronic item is passed around as much as a mobile phone, especial with the growth in social media and gaming,  so cleaning it […]

Warning – beware of Predictive text

You know the feeling, you type something slightly out of the ordinary and the predictive text alters it before you realise and whoosh, off it goes to the now confused recipient. Well, when someone in the US town of Gainesville received a  text stating, ‘Gunman go to West Hall this afternoon‘. He reported it instantly […]

Please explain voice calls over the Internet

Question : Please explain voice calls on the Internet? Our start point is a telephone. Pick it up, get dial tone, dial the number, get ring tone, end-user picks up, you converse. Roughly the same happens with a mobile phone call, but in both cases the network that Connects the call is dedicated to transmitting […]

Cross-border Skype

A few months ago I did a piece on Skype, comparing it with regular calls and also taking into account voice and video quality plus the amount of bandwidth a session can use up. Whilst Skype can be used for contacting your friends and family, the real benefit is when you go International.  User-to-user is […]

Off for some Christmas Sun?

Tips when using your mobile phone overseas: Most UK plans do not apply overseas, so check with your operator if they offer special travel schemes. If travelling to an EU country call charges are regulated so on average: a 10 minute call to the UK cost £3, to receive a 10 minute call from the […]

What is an Ice Cream Sandwich?

Four hot fish fingers, splash of Ketchup, buttered bread and heaven awaits, my ultimate sandwich, but alas when the mobile boffins talk Ice Cream Sandwich there’s not a recipe book in sight. Nope, the mobile Ice Cream Sandwich is the 4th version of the Android operating system recently released by Google. So just like all […]