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Pinterest – a threat?

Security threats on the Internet range from Spam emails/weblinks. Phishing, where via email or a fake web site, a user is lured into divulging passwords and user-ids. Full blown virus when you execute(run) a piece of malware that directly infects your mobile. The latest series of threats centres on websites that post huge amounts of […]

How can a business protect against mobile security breaches?

Problem : My small business needs Smart phones but does not have the technical expertise to manage them efficiently. Problem : My business wants to allow employees to bring their own mobile device(BYOD) but how do I manage the complexity. Problem : My company data is critical and sensitive, but I don’t have the skills […]

A new kind of cyber threat.

In simple terms to get a cold your body must first process the virus. In computing terms means you must execute(run) a piece of code(malware) which infects your computer or mobile. That infection can then do all manner of nasty things, including copying your bank details and hence most folks have Security software to constantly protect […]

Can I be traced via my Mobile?

Most mobile phones have Global Positioning Systems(GPS), which when combined with say Google Maps can highlight our current location and to show us where to go. To trace you, your phone must use some form of App to send out those GPS details, as happens in vehicle tracking systems. So without an App I’m safe […]

What are the security risks with Android phones?

When I buy a laptop, I get a Microsoft Windows Operating System(OS),which is designed and developed by Microsoft and against which companies write Applications for business and pleasure. The computing industry has watchdogs, specifically targeted at finding Vulnerabilities in that OS, which Microsoft fix and the world is a safer place. When I buy an […]

Norton’s extends Online Family to cover your child’s smart phones

If it is too good to be true, it’s too good to be true! Therefore when companies use words like Free, there is usually a catch sitting somewhere in the shadows waiting to pounce! So when Norton announced a Free app(for Android and iOS) that ‘Helps parents keep and eye on their kids smart phone […]

Security, Commercial Adware and your Child.

For users of Android, Blackberry and Symbian based mobile phones McAfee have launched their latest Mobile Security 2.0 solution. In addition to the anti-virus, anti-spyware capability they have introduced Commercial Spyware, Adware and Dialer protection. What? Well, several months ago I noticed that Facebook had suddenly inserted a whole heap of adverts on each page […]

Who needs mobile phone security software?

Well, when money is tight, most folks buying a new Smart phone would baulk at the idea of additional expense to protect it, but the latest figures from Symantec suggest this could be false economy. In November they found an average of 4,915 Web sites per day which contain security threats(malware) and other potentially unwanted programs […]

Parental Control – Vodafone Guardian

The threats to children from the Internet can never be underestimated. Protection is the key, so on Smart phones parents can get Mobile Operator based protection services based on the SIM card or actual phone Security software from the range of vendors like McAfee, Symantec and others. Vodafone today launched Phone Guardian a free mobile […]

Parental Controls

The term ‘Parental Control’ covers a broad scope, so for this section we focus on the implications for mobile phone users. The Internet Service Providers(ISP) act as a ‘Mere Conduit’ providing a simple unregulated pipe between the Internet and an Internet Ready device. Hence all Internet Access controls on a mobile phone come……………………..Read more