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Ditch the landline.

Stay with me on this one. Optical fibre in communications terms means lots and lots of data.  The likes of Infinera are offering N x 100Gbps per line card! Truly astounding bandwidth. But the gating factor is fibre. Nationally we have a fibre roll-out plan, typically offering Fibre-to-the-curb, in short the running of optical fibre […]

Bone Conduction technology – sounds great!

Even without external influence, the simple facts are that as you grow older both your ear drums and the tiny hairs in your inner ear decay, which effect both hearing and balance. Scientist have already developed drugs which may in the future regenerate these hairs, but with the arrival of headphones and other sources of loud […]

Android – the open door?

According to Mcafee, ‘Nearly 7000 Android threats have been collected and identified through the end of Q1, a more than 1200 percentage increase compared with Q4 2011.’ Yet it goes on to comments ‘The majority of these threats stem from third-party app markets and are typically not found in the official Android market.’ Putting the […]

Wi, Mi and now Tri-fi – portable Internet access

First there was Wi-fi. For most folks a means of connecting your mobile or iPad to the Internet, via a Home Broadband router or a wi-fi hotspot in a hotel or cafe. Wi-fi is much cheaper than 3G for sending and receiving data, but users must be aware of the security risks Then Mi-fi, in […]

Playing Games on my mobile just got easier

On the PC World web site a Toshiba Satellite  laptop with 15.6 inch is down as a Amazing Value, and sporting a 1.65GHz processor. Shame mines only got 1.5Ghz My PlayStation 3 has a the RSX GPU, running in at 250Mtps(how much information can be presented on the screen per second!) Mines got around 300Mtps […]

When TV and Mobile collide

By October 2012 all the UKs TV regions will have switched over to digital services, which creates opportunity, and potential difficulties, for  UK customers like you and me. Why? Analogue TV, via your aerial, uses the 800Mhz frequency band. See Wireless So when they switch to digital TV, that same aerial, in conjunction with either […]

Here in my car….or not?

Geo-social networks, mobile maps, find-my-car apps, they all rely on GPS(Global Positioning System), where satellites whizzing around the planet producing a low power signal, which when combined with typically 2 others, allows the receiving device(in this case your mobile phone) to accurately position itself on said planet within a metre or so(despite the effects of […]

A smart way to sell?

Like many, I use my email server to distinguish between addresses I know and the mountain of unsolicited trash that floods in, be it malicious or just speculative SPAM. I somehow got my  email address on a US mailing list and this week alone I’ve had offers from Trucks to Air conditioning. What if you […]

BYOD, MAM, OTT and Tiswas

First there was Tiswas and then OTT, with Chris Tarrent, Lenny Henry, Spit the Dog and Bob Carolgees, and now, well the telecoms industry has Over-The-Top Content(OTT). So what is it? Historically the Inter Service Providers(Broadband and Mobile operators) have claimed that they are a mere conduit  between the customer and the Internet Content and […]

Olympic Congestion and iPad 3

In the article The Wireless I tried to explain how crowded the invisible wireless spectrum has become, thanks to the wide range of technologies available like Wi-fi, Wi-Max, 3G and 4G. These services compete for spectrum with TV, Radio, Government, Military, Shipping …the UK list is large, and so, when the old Analogue TV service […]