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Velocloud – Software Defined WAN

Could I run Unfied Comms over Internet connection and avoid costly Leased line or MPLS service requirements. Answer yes. ¬†Velocloud The solution comes in 3 parts. A CPE device which sits between your LAN and your Internet connections e.g. DSL, 3G, 4G, Cable etc. A Cloud based Orchestrator to manage all the edn-points and a […]


The basic principles of SDN are the decoupling of the data plane and the control plane, enabling the SDN controller, a global view of the routing environment that sits below. Likewise OvSDB style databases can provide virtual network information, which like SDN and utilise OpenFlow to communicate information/profiles to the physical hardware equipment. But you’re […]

New Vendor – Plexxi

Commercial SDN infrastructure solution, offering northbound API, SDN controller and optical hardware platforms capable of supporting virtual deployments.