Mobile Tariffs

UK Call and Internet Charges

The UK Mobile Industry offers potential customers two call charge options:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Monthly Plan(12-18-24 month schemes)

These options cover the following services:

  • Voice and Text
  • Internet Access
  • Wifi Access(optional on some monthly contracts).

They will appear as

  • X minutes, Y texts and Z MBs of Web Access
  • Pay-as-you-go example:
    • 200 minutes 600 texts and 100MB Internet Access
  • Monthly Contract example:
    • 1200 minutes Unlimited texts 750MB Internet Access.

To understand charges for calls outside the UK,  please go to Using your mobile abroad section.

Voice and Texts

For Voice calls each option is defined in Voice Minutes – e.g. 1000minutes per month.

These only apply to UK mobile, voicemail and 01, 02 and 03 landline calls.

My section Premium Rate Numbers describes the types and possible charges you could face for other dialled numbers.

Once you use up your monthly allowance, each operator has their own charging/top-up scheme.

On Monthly Plans, unused call minutes are not typically transferred to the following month.

Internet Browsing

Internet Browsing is sold as a Downloaded data(MB) allowance i.e. the amount you receive at your mobile.

Allowances for Monthly Contracts are either 500MB or 1GB, with Unlimited offers usually tied to a Fair Usage Policy.

Pay-as-you-go customers may find Daily or per MB charges, with an associated monthly limit..

Whilst 500MB gives on average 2000 text emails, a hours worth of low resolution I-Player consumes the whole 500MB. See Broadband Usage for more details

Hit the limit, and you come up against a Fair Usage Policy.

This will vary between operators but they could:

  1. Cut Internet Access off for the remainder of that month.
  2. Charge you extra on a daily or per MB basis

Always check with your operator to avoid a larger than expected bill.

Unused Internet bandwidth is not  transferred to the following month.

Wifi Access.

For those individuals or  small businesses that need regular Internet Access on their mobiles Wifi could provide an excellent alternative.

See wifi explained for a overview of the service.

Instead of charging at MB’s  per day or month, Wifi operators provide timed Internet Access. That access can be a hour, day or month.

Examples :

  • 90 minutes costs £5.99 to be used in 24 hours
  • 4000 minutes costs £40 to be used in a 30 day period.

Each Wifi service covers a specific geographical area(or hotspot) , i.e. it is not a mobile technology, so users have to locate hotspots before gaining Internet access.

Wifi hotspots can be found through your operator of via the Wifi Alliance website at

For reference, some Mobile operators will included Wifi access(to specific wifi operators) as part of some monthly mobile plans


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